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I got into real estate to connect with more people on a personal level.

I love helping people and I want to make your home purchase or sale a stress free experience. My relationship with you is my top priority and my biggest asset. I work exclusively by referral so that I have the time available to really connect and build relationships with my clients. I want to offer you more value, beyond the typical transactional relationship.

I am honest, loyal and dedicated to getting you the best possible price for your home. With 12 years in the restaurant industry and over 5 years of owning my own establishment, customer service is my bread and butter.

I work for a locally owned Whatcom County real estate firm with a track record of success. I am continually educating myself on current market trends, new loan programs, zoning laws, best staging techniques and all things real estate related. I am intelligent, hard working and ready to go above and beyond to make your home shopping or selling experience as easy and pleasant as possible.


I spent my last 5 years in business, as the owner of Maggie's Pub in Ferndale, WA.

I truly enjoyed my time behind the bar, getting to know people in our community and sharing my love of beer with them. I made countless lifelong friendships and learned a lot about beer, life, and business. After I closed down the pub, I missed seeing all my customers so much! We were like a little family.

I knew real estate would be a career that would allow me to reconnect with some of my customers, continue to meet new people and make many more lifelong friendships. I love working in real estate! It allows me to be more involved with my community. It is a great way to utilize both my customer service and business experience. The flexibility to work anytime throughout the day is great for being able to best serve my clients while still spending plenty of time with my family.

I am a new mom to a 1 year old baby boy named Finnegan. My husband Tyler and I, both Whatcom County natives, live in Ferndale with our son and one dog. I love baking! About 10 years ago I completed a pastry arts program at a small culinary school in Orlando, Florida. Sometimes I use this skill to spoil my clients with some sweet treats. Keep an eye out for my open houses as they might be sporting some mini pies! (I was known for Pieday Fridays at Maggie's Pub.) I love hiking, going to the lake, and doing anything outdoors. I love beer and everything related to beer. We truly have an amazing local beer community! I'm happiest when surrounded by friends and family.


I wanted to find a way to have a greater impact on our community and the world. So many people are struggling and we can do more to help them. It is my personal mission to change the world, one house at a time.

I donate 10% of my personal gross commission income to charities both local and worldwide. Partner with me on this mission and together we can have a big impact!Half of my donation goes to a global cause that I believe will have the greatest impact per dollar on the quality of life of those who need it most. I choose a new organization to support each calendar year. Scroll down to learn more about my 2018 choice.

The other half stays in our community. I have compiled a list of local charities that I believe to be truly special. My clients may choose their favorite charity from this list. Though it is my preference to give to the organizations on this list, don't hesitate to ask if I would consider giving to another worthy cause. Scroll down to see my list of local charities to support and learn how you can get involved too.

How does this work? Let's say I help you purchase your dream home and that particular listing offered the buyer's agent a 3% commission. I will donate 10% of my commission (after my brokerage split but before taxes and expenses) to charity, specifically, 5% will go to my global cause of the year and 5% will go to a local charity of your choice.



It's very important to me to have the biggest impact on people's lives as possible for every dollar donated. My 2018 global cause is an organization that supports school based deworming in India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and Nigeria. The average cost is less than $0.50 per child per year. Below is some information from their website.

"More than 836 million children are at risk of parasitic worm infections worldwide. A significant body of evidence shows that deworming works to improve children's health, well-being, education, and long-term economic future."

- World Health Organization. (2016). WHO PCT Databank: Soil-transmitted Helminth Infections.

While virtually nonexistent and unheard of in developed countries today, parasitic worm infections are endemic in many of the poorest countries in the world.

These infections, known as soil-transmitted helminths (STH) and schistosomiasis, interfere with nutrient uptake and can lead to anemia, malnourishment, and impaired mental and physical development. They pose a serious threat to children's long-term health, education, and productivity. Infected children are often too sick or tired to concentrate at school, or to attend at all. Worm infections disproportionately affect the poor. They are easily transmitted in areas with poor sanitation and open defecation. Children are particularly susceptible to infection and experience the greatest morbidity.

To combat worm infection, regular treatment with a simple pill is universally recognized as a safe and effective solution. The Deworm the World Initiative supports school-based deworming: treatment delivered through existing education infrastructure, administered by teachers with support from the health system. This approach is highly cost-effective, well accepted by communities, and efficiently targets the population group at greatest risk for infection: children.

Rigorous evidence shows that school-based deworming can improve children's health, education, and long-term productivity at an average cost of less than $0.50 per child per year.

The Deworm the World Initiative has ambitious plans to help eliminate the public health problem of parasitic worms in the coming years. Alongside evolving our technical assistance to existing government partners to meet their needs, we are leveraging opportunities to accelerate treatment coverage for at-risk children, with a focus on high-need countries like Pakistan and Nigeria.

We will:

Decrease the worm burden by expanding high-quality school-based deworming into new geographies

Build sustained government capacity to operate consistent, cost-effective, and high-quality school-based deworming programs

With partners, drive further progress towards achievement of the WHO target of STH treatment for 75% of at-risk children by 2020

Source: Evidence Action The Deworm the World Initiative


I believe the following organizations are doing something truly special. Please click on their links to find out what you can do to get involved. Let's change the world together!

Skookum Kids

Max Higbee Center

Faces Northwest

Special Olympics Washington

Lydia Place

Nami Whatcom